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“Desert Moon has been my go to for years. I had my air conditioner replaced last year by them, and they’re as honest as the day is long! Call Desert Moon, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Expert A/C Service, Replacement & Repair since 2004.

At Desert Moon, not only are we Tucson natives, but we’ve been providing complete HVAC service since 2004. We know how you feel when your air conditioning unit quits, especially during those scorching Arizona summers. From sudden warm air to unexpected breakdowns, we’ve seen it all, and that’s why we’re here: to provide Tucson homeowners with expert AC service and repair so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home all year round. We offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services to address all almost any residential air conditioning need you might have. Whether it’s a minor repair or a new roof-top installation, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the HVAC services we provide:

At Desert Moon, we are air conditioning specialists. That means keeping you cool in Tucson is what we do. Not only do we replace and install AC units—that’s a given—but we know just how to assess your specific needs, guiding you through the process to find the perfect AC solution so your home has the unit you need for years to come.

We conduct thorough diagnostics to identify any issues affecting your air conditioning unit’s performance, ensuring accurate repairs and reliable solutions.

And as always, service calls are just $90. Scroll down for more details.

Regular cleaning and maintenance help improve energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. Checkups are a great way to keep your system in tip-top shape which not only saves money on utility bills, but makes sure your AC is ready to run for the rest of the season.

Here’s the best part: checkups are just $70! Scroll down for details.

Desert Moon can handle most any residential AC unit repair. Whether it’s a faulty fan or a blower motor problem, a condenser replacement or a compressor issue, we have the knowledge and experience to get it taken care of so you can get back to being comfy.
A packaged air conditioner unit is a self-contained HVAC system that combines all the components necessary for cooling or heating in a single outdoor unit. Because of it’s compact design, a packaged unit is ideal where installation space is limited, such as townhomes or condos.

In other words, just because you live in a condo doesn’t mean you have to sweat out the Tucson summer. Desert Moon can keep you cool all summer by installing a new packaged AC unit—or by repairing your existing one.

HVAC duct work? Yeah, we do that, too. Whether it’s a leak, a blockage, or inefficient airflow, we know how to find the problem and fix it. Sealing your AC ducts is crucial for optimizing your system’s performance, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing indoor air quality, so get your “ducts” in a row with Desert Moon today.

If your AC isn’t cooling as it should, it might be due to low refrigerant levels. Our technicians can recharge the Freon, restoring optimal cooling performance.

Clean air filters are crucial for the health of your AC unit and the health of your indoor air quality. We provide air filter replacements to ensure you and your family are breathing clean, fresh air. Call today to schedule maintenance — just $70 per unit — and get your air filter replaced today.

Call Desert Moon HVAC & beat the AZ heat today.

When you need prompt, reliable HVAC service that prioritizes great value, small-town service, and a job done right, look no further than Desert Moon Heating & Cooling. As Tucson natives and HVAC experts, we know how to keep you comfy in the desert. That’s why we’re one of the longest-standing local HVAC businesses in town. Whether you need an AC unit repair or replacement, or just a routine checkup, call us today and relax in a cool, comfortable home all year long.

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Honest pricing, no hidden fees.

There’s only one way to do business in your hometown, and that’s by being fair and honest. When you work with Desert Moon, you can count on not being surprised by hidden fees or unfair rates. You pay for the work done—nothing more, nothing less.

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Seasonal A/C Maintenance

We make sure your A/C unit is ready to run all summer or winter long. Available all year, call to schedule. Just $70 per unit.

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Emergency A/C Service

When something’s broken or isn’t working like it should. $90 per service call, includes first hour of labor, parts are separate.